"State of the Art"- Sevilla



This first workshop organised by the consortium is entitled "State of the Art". It will take place in Sevilla, on April 5th 2018.

Its goal: to present the result of the first phase of six month during which the consortium analysed past works (projects and actions) engaged on marine pollution induced by maritime transport (shipping, port activities, cruise, fisheries, ship yards..) as well as on services developed to manage pollution (in particular the reception of ships effluents and waste).

Who is concerned?

The workshop welcomes any organisation concerned or interested by the general topic of green shipping and ports, and in particular the management of ships effluents and waste, including water quality monitoring tools.

The  workshop will focus on oiled and ballast water, through 5 topics:

  • Technologies and processes
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Operation
  • Booking services


Coming soon.


Your participation and contribution are welcome. Please contact us!

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